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tv   Today  NBC  November 6, 2012 2:05am-3:00am EST

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♪ when we dream we still laugh with the stars anyway ♪ ♪ it's our time to come through this life until we pay ♪ ♪ it's our time ♪ ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
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>> jimmy: rndm! check out the album, "acts." visit for an exclusive bonus performance. my thanks to jason sudeikis, key and peele, rndm and the greatest band in late night, the roots, everybody! stay tuned for "carson daly." thank you for watching. have a great night. hope to see you tomorrow. bye-bye! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ captions paid for by nbc-universal television captions by vitac ♪ >> carson: what's happening guys? carson daly here. we are -- well, we're at the radio station where i work in the morning. it's going to be the home for tonight's "last call."
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97.1 amp radio here in los angeles. i do the morning show and occasionally some other business which is what we're doing tonight. in the spotlight, 11 veterans return from iraq and afghanistan to come together to climb a 20,000 foot himalayan mountain. it's all in a new documentary called "high ground." it's a visually stunning doc and the story's que great too. that's coming to you in just a little bit. for our music we turn to the music box. the hemi fonda theater. it's the u.s. tv debut of the stepkids, which we're excited about. but first, if you watch the show regularly, then you know that i'm a die-hard "sons of anarchy" fan. i've interviewed ron perlman, charlie hunnam, chuck zito. i've visited the set. i've sat down with kurt sutter, the show's creator. but tonight, i think i'm more excited than ever to talk to the matriarch of the sons family. the golden globe winning actress katey sagal. and for more we go to stk in l.a. for our feature interview. ♪ >> this is fun. do you like doing this? >> carson: i love it. i also like just to talk. >> we're actually having a conversation. >> carson: yeah, exactly. yeah. >> i've never done a talk show where you actually have a conversation. >> carson: yeah, me neither. ♪ thank you so much for your time. you know, i'm an enormous fan.
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>> no, thanks. >> carson: let's start with music though 'cause i -- i mean, i love music so much. >> me too. >> carson: and you do too. >> mm-hmm. >> carson: a lot fo people don't know this, especially younger fans of watching "sons of anarchy," you've had a really accomplished career in the music business. where did that start for you? >> it was actually sort of, my -- the way i learned how to socialize in those awkward years -- >> carson: was writing? >> yeah. and i'd sing. like, i'd bring my guitar to my girl scout meetings 'cause i couldn't really talk to anybody. i was sort of like, you know, just socially awkward. so i -- so music washis big emotional comfort. >> carson: when did you start doing that and just making a living of it? >> well i got -- you know, i started workg young. when i was about 18, 19, i went on the road with a rock opera. like, a musical. >> carson: mm-hmm. >> and then i -- i just started, you know, to make a living i would sing on people's records and i'd tour with people so i worked with, you know, with etta james and tanya tucker and bob dylan and bette midler. and then i would come off the road, this is all during my 20s. i'd come off the road and i'd have a band. i was on electro records. i was on casablanca records.
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i was really, you know -- it was sort of, all kind of going the way i thought it should be going. >> carson: right. >> but it never, it would never quite go there. >> carson: you have some music in the show. you have a song. >> i do. >> carson: which is awesome. where is your music right now? >> i'm just making a new -- i call them records. i know you're not supposed to call 'em that but i don't know. >> carson: i still call 'em that. >> i call 'em that. ♪ >> carson: for somebody who started off, sort of, socially awkward that's quite an impressive career you've had thus far. >> well, you can still be socially awkward when you have a -- >> carson: i guess, well, you're an actor. >> 'cause i sort of, still am. well, not socially -- you know i'm, i think i'm more shy than people realize. >> we can take care of our own. >> they need to socialize with other children. and let's be honest -- i don't think you're up for the task. >> excuse me? >> you have every right to be distracted. you've been through a lot -- >> just say what you mean. >> i smell weed and alcohol on
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your breath every morning. ♪ >> carson: educated me on gemma and the beginning of sons and how the project, obviously born in your household with your husband creating it, ep'ing the show, writing it, he's constantly thinking it, did you get a chance to sort of shape her in the beginning a little bit? >> he does a lot of shaping. i mean, our early conversations. i remember kurt explained this entire mythology and then i sort of, so i had some bones of who she is. but i -- and i did research in the motorcycle world and there's not a lot of women like gemma -- >> carson: right. >> -- so she's a bit of creative license. she's the queen in this, sort of, subculture. >> carson: mm-hmm. >> so she's, you know, she's got queenly aspects to her. >> carson: "sons," when it started had guys like me immediately. i mean, you see the promo, the mc, the guns, the girls, the drugs, the running. i mean, it's like -- it's aw. i mean, i saw that first promo, i was just like, "that's the show made for me." like, i ride -- you know, like i -- >> oh, you ride? >> carson: i sell guns. no, of course. what do you think is the attraction for women in "sons of anarchy?" >> well, i would like to think
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that there's very strong women, female characters on the show that are not afraid of saying what's on their mind. and they really, sort of, get in your face. >> when you called last night i was getting high with lenser. i thought i'd be okay to drive. i just didn't want to miss my chance to be with them. [ smack ] i'm sorry. >> you're done. you don't call, see, or come near my kids again. >> all right. >> get out! ♪ >> women sometimes, have a harder time showing their anger. >> carson: right. >> so, you know, to have -- >> carson: that's probably why they like watching the show. >> they do maybe. 'cause there's angry women. >> carson: right, right. >> you know, that really aren't afraid to show how they feel. >> carson: well, the way that tara screams at you is like, i mean, i'm looking at my girl going, "you just want to yell at my mom like that don't you?" like, she's almost living vicariously through the old, you know, mother-in-law sort of thing. 'cause tara this year is just
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not giving gemma -- >> she's in gemma's face. >> carson: yeah, all the time. >> yeah. so i think that is an appeal for women. i think, of course, you know guys on bikes is a big draw for women. i mean, it's sort of like, guys with guitars. >> carson: right. >> i mean, it really -- i think women are drawn to that. i think the world is sort of dark and sexy and, you know, we all like that. >> carson: right. ♪ watching you win the golden globe last year was really just so rewarding for your fans because it was just like, that's such a furious category. i mean, you're in such incredible company with those other actors. and for you to win that, and i don't know if you were surprised or not, and i don't want you to comment on that -- >> oh, i was shocked. >> carson: were you? >> yeah, i was pleasantly shocked. >> carson: this one really feel -- but there must have been a little bit of that, like, "you know what, good for me." liek -- >> no, no, there totally was. i would say that. >> carson: 'cause the should have been. >> anybody who says it doesn't feel good to win those things, or it doesn't really matter is totally wrong. >> carson: right. >> it's very exciting. >> carson: i'm not saying it's the measuring stick. but also -- >> no, it's nice. >> carson: -- it's gotta feel good because it was almost a win for gemma too. i mean, this -- this character, to get acknowledged by these other dominant female characters that everybody in america's so used to knowing their work,
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certainly you playing gemma. but man -- >> but for me. >> carson: -- was at home just "go on katey, all right!" >> right. it's been great too. especially since -- i mean, you know, i've been known as a comedian for so long and done comedic work, even though i'm not a comedian. i'm just a comedic actor. but to -- you know, as an actor you want to -- what i've learned being an actor is you want to be a wide-range actor. >> carson: mm hmm. >> so it's been really nice to make this transition. >> carson: thank you so much. >> thank you, carson. thanks. >> carson: you're the best, i appreciate it. >> thanks. >> carson: see you soon. >> okay. ♪ >> carson: that is the incomparable katey sagal. thank you so much. that was so much fun to sit down with you. of course, "sons of anarchy" airs tuesdays at 10 on fx. it is one of the best shows ever. watch it, you won't be sorry. when we come back, the stepkids get their tv debut from the fonda. and "high ground" is the subject of our "last call" spotlight. very cool story coming up after this. ♪ [ female announcer ] women are strong.
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♪ >> carson: and welcome back to "last call." tonight coming to you from my radio studio, i do a morning show. it's our home for tonight. let's move on to the "spot light." we're going to go to 66 in west hollywood to meet three time emmy winning filmmaker and world class mountaineer, michael brown. and for his latest project, michael decided to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of his mount everest trek by climbing the himalayas along side 11 afghan and iraq war vets.
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the result is a beautiful documentary. it's called "high ground," and it happens to be the subject on tonight's "last call" "spot light." ♪ >> ready? >> yeah. mark. [ clap ] [ explosion ] >> get up. >> you know, they ask you every year what you want to do when you grow up. and i said, i wanted to fight in world war iii. i guess i got my wish. >> my name is michael brown and i'm the director of "high ground." ♪ i think there are a lot of occasions in life you kind of have to reach your breaking point. >> what are these people doing up here? >> "high ground" is a film that follows 11 wounded veterans as they go to nepal and climb a 20,000 foot peak, and the mountain becomes a backdrop for telling their stories. what they've been through, not only in their personal lives, but going to war and then coming home. >> people still don't get it
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that not all pain is physical. and some of us don't want to remember our self. we don't want to remember our memories. i want them gone. >> coming home from war is not easy. there are just so many different things that happen. there is alienation, misunderstanding, just generally dealing with our world just can just be really tough. >> it's really hard to like, reestablish yourself in society because it's just so different. it's like so boring. ♪ >> and experience like this, to climb a mountain, is a powerful healing experience because it's a mission. you're together with a team. you have an objective. it's difficult. you overcome challenges. you create incredible bonds during that process. when i woke up and looked out the window, the first words out of my mouth this morning were holy [ bleep ] >> for me as a filmmaker it's really important to be a truthful as possible and not really put words in people's mouths. >> it's like this deep, dark black abyss that i stare into. >> we do allow the veterans to
2:19 am
tell their own stories and we truthfully follow them through whatever it was that they went through. ♪ >> it was a beautiful day. blue sky, tan desert. everybody's life changed. [ crash ] >> it was a big challenge to get the veterans to kind of accept us as a film crew and open up and tell us their stories. but i think with mountaineers and those of us, we all climb everest. we've been in the himalaya a lot. i've lost plenty of friends while climbing. there are a lot of comparisons to combat. there is teamwork. there is camaraderie. there is overcoming challenges. all of those pieces that come from mountaineering also apply in combat, so what that gave us was some mutual respect. the veterans when they met those of us that were guiding around the film crew and they said, "oh, you climbed mount everest." you know what it's like. you know what it is to suffer, or be scared, or be in a dangerous place. >> i went to iraq for a couple of months at the beginning of the war in 2003, and then i did
2:20 am
another tour and i can't explain why, but those are some of the best moments of my life. you know, i think here up in the mountains there is a way that you can -- there is a way you and replicate that. ♪ >> well this documentary it represents three years of hard work and every second of it was worth it. i mean, everything from climbing the mountain to sleeping under the editing room table for months on end while we finished the movie. just an amazing experience, amazing people, friendships. climbing a mountain is like achieving an objective and it has a very powerful healing effect on the veterans who did it, and i've seen it and what they've done in their lives. i mean it wasn't a cure all. they are still struggling today, but i know that they're better for it. ♪ >> carson: that was filmmaker michael brown. thanks to michael for his time. "high ground" is available on dvd starting tomorrow. it is stunning. and if you want more you can check out our music tonight is the u.s. tv debut of the stepkids. we'll do that from the fonda right after this. ♪ woooah, what do you got there?
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♪ >> carson: and welcome back, this is "last call," and it's time to get to our music tonight, the stepkids, who are awesome. they are really -- they're a trio and they're known for kind
2:24 am
of their genre crossing sound. they're excellent live. they spent the better part of last year just blowing people away at festivals like south by and cmj. and tonight, they're going to make their tv debut. performing "sweet salvation" from the henry fonda theatre, here they are, the stepkids. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ooh ooh ooh
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ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ♪ ♪ crying birds and dying words have led me here ♪ a heart so weak and a face so pink ♪ ♪ brings me to tears please show me so -- ooh ooh ooh ♪ sweet salvation ♪ ♪ is the tangible divide ooh ohh ohh your reciprocation is the burning in the sky ♪ ♪ tasteless rhymes and faceless eyes
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will haunt me now ♪ ♪ my life never showed it's my perception i adore or a concrete block ♪ ♪ of perpetual engagement a distant pheromones baby please me so show me -- ♪ ooh ooh ooh sweet salvation is the tangible divide ♪ ♪ ooh ooh ooh your reciprocation is the burning in the sky ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ yeah yeah yeah ooh ooh ohh ooh ooh ooh ♪ ♪ ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> carson: that was the stepkids, their self titled debut album is out now, it's great. thank you to them and everybody at the music box for having us. in fact, we'll do one more from them before we go tonight, right after this quick commercial break. [ female announcer ] women are strong.
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♪ >> carson: that's going to do it for us tonight. i want to thank everybody here at amp radio. thanks to call my guests tonight too. now, we'll go back to the fonda for more from the stepkids. here they are with "moving pictures." enjoy that and we'll see you soon on "last call." ♪ ♪ ♪ moving down a silver path
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made it by the draft we ride water signs 0f -- ♪ drifted on by i see statues in the rain with coats and hats ♪ ♪ and canes we pass wondering if you're ♪ ♪ right behind -- ooh -- like moving pictures and fashions burn my ♪ ♪ wanna leave behind
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you can find long-lasting fragrance. and refills last up to 30 days. glade expressions oil diffuser. sc johnson. a family company. from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford
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and hoda kotb. live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody, it's so good to see you. fun day monday, it's november 5th. we are going to do our best to make it a fun day monday for you. a lot of people struggling out there right now. we don't want to seem insensitive to them, but we've heard from an awful lot of you that you need a little lift. think of us as a good bra, you know, just a little lift where you need it. that's what we are. here's something great that happened that matt organized on friday night that we've been telling you about, the telethon, the concert. it was a tremendous success, you guys. for everybody who phoned in and gave money, $23 million raised. >> isn't that amazing? >> it rocked. so many great acts. billy joel, bruce springsteen. >> matt has those guys on speed dial.
2:37 am
it was in a short time frame, he called billy joel, bruce springsteen. >> mary j. blige. jimmy fallon was singing "under the boardwalk." his back-up singers were billy joel, bruce springsteen. take a listen. ♪ down by the shore ♪ down by the sea ♪ on a blanket with my baby where i'll be ♪ ♪ under the boardwalk ♪ we'll be having some fun ♪ under the boardwalk >> the boss is in the back, you can see him. >> it was really terrific. >> by the way, can i say something? there are a lot of storm victims
2:38 am
out there who you cannot believe the spirit and resilience. i went with some friends to staten island, and this is what was the best about that place. there was a woman whose house was devastated. she was very upset. i saw her, i said i'm so sorry about your house. she said, that's not why i'm crying. i said, why are you crying? she pointed down the street, there were hordes of volunteers coming. she said, that's why i'm crying. marathon runners came to help out and do stuff. the marathon runners went out to staten island, hopped on the ferry. >> it's so great, so great. obviously, they are disappointed. they came from all over the world. >> these are people who live in other neighborhoods that picked up a shovel or whatever. there was an older lady and guy said to me, see that lady right there, she had dirty clothes and all she wanted to do was go to church. they gave her fresh clothes, she thanked them, went to church, and came back and kept digging her house out. there's not a sense of poor me.
2:39 am
we were going to people and they were saying -- someone else needs it worse than me. i bet you someone needs it worse. you have to see, the human spirit is on display. and it's not, like, don't feel sorry for me. they are working. you like that feeling. >> were you seeing the opposite in the gas lines. our wonderful producer was in a line finally, finally, finally, and literally the guy right before her got the last drop of fuel. >> drained it. >> she's got a 2-year-old and an infant in the car with her. really? >> i'm surprised she didn't run someone over. you know what, it could have happened with tammie or any of us. >> "saturday night live," if you can have some fun with it, apparently they were. >> there's been a lot of news conferences, there's someone who signs nearby. "snl" thought that was humorous. let's take a listen. >> a moment to thank our city's
2:40 am
first responders, the firemen. the police officers. emergency medical technicians. i'd also like to thank my staff with a special thanks to my sign language translator lydia callas who brought some pizazz to what otherwise would be a dower occasion. thank you, lydia, for your pizazz. >> hello. hello. i'm governor chris christie. this is my interpreter. things are bad, okay, they are bad. but we're new jersey, all right, we're going to be fine. we don't get sad in new jersey. we get even. so sleep with one eye open, sandy. >> he has been the star through this whole thing, though, in real life, chris christie.
2:41 am
he suffers no fools, if you know what i mean. >> he's been really terrific. all right, so if you need a laugh, we found a little video that might help out. this is a video called "the dragon baby." it's a baby taking on a dragon. an indie filmmaker had a cam corder, take a look. ♪ ♪ >> look at that. [ laughter ] ♪
2:42 am
>> come on. >> that is adorable. >> how great. >> i'm so glad i haven't seen that before. how do they do that? i can't even turn on a camcorder. >> are we ready for our wednesday matinee lunch? >> is that still on, we had to cancel it last week. gallagher's on west 52nd street. we had to cancel it last week. 200 crazy women that were going to join us before. what's going on? >> anthony. >> okay, anyway, we'll be there at noon, you guys. we'll have to reschedule the one we had before and we'll let you know when that is. >> women are out of control when the wine is flowing. people get a little crazy. >> you have rabid fans, hoda. rabid. hopefully you've had a booster shot because wow! nothing can keep us down
2:43 am
around here, and we are going to go forward this week with our "everyone has a story." ♪ everyone has a moment that changes their life ♪ >> yes, we know. this month's winner is francis of freehold, new jersey. she was nominated by her adopted daughter ashley. we hadn't done an adoption story in a while, and they are both on the phone with us. francis worked in special education for over 15 years and also volunteers for her church. we take all that for granted, but what a difference it makes in these kids' lives. and in 2006, francis was diagnosed with thyroid cancer herself, but her adopted daughter said she wishes she could be half the woman that her mom is. hey, you guys. are you there? >> yes, how are you? >> you are there. >> from alexandria, virginia. that's where my mom lives. >> that's fan of the week coming up.
2:44 am
we need to go back to the other, please, we're not quite through with this. >> sorry. >> we're still on that. anyway, so are you excited? >> yes, i am! >> i'm very, very excited. i didn't even know we were nominated. i sent in the entry a few months back, so when i got a call from susan, i was ecstatic. >> susan called. >> there you are, we're looking at you. boy, you're a good-looking family. beautiful. >> oh, thank you. >> we cannot wait to see you guys. we'll see you on thursday. >> david and i have written a beautiful -- i think it's beautiful, i hope you like it. poignant new song for you we'll have sung for you on thursday, okay? >> love you, mom! >> how sweet was that? now it's time for alexandria, virginia. >> and our fan of the week! >> you were just too excited, hoda. >> our winner this week is whitney russell from alexandria,
2:45 am
virginia. who watches in washington, d.c. whitney and her 14-month-old son harlan never miss a show and have a dance party thursday to the ihoda play list. they also love watching you compete, which got you thinking, you two should run for office. whitney has volunteered to be your campaign manager. she's gathering supporters on capitol hill. you can debate important matters such as pinot versus chardonnay and petition to move happy hour to where it belongs, 7:00 a.m. whitney, you get extra points for being creative. we're sending you on a rock and roll getaway to seattle. >> we were there, hoda! that's where the beatles at that famous place. >> it's also a private velvet rope dinner for two, music project, and round-trip air fare for two.
2:46 am
the hotel and air fare provided by the edgewater hotel in seattle. >> that's a beautiful spot. iconic picture of the beatles. they stayed there and had their heads out the window. great, thank you so much. she's been called one of the greatest female vocalists of all time, we're going to chat with grammy-winning superstar christina aguilera. and hot couples news, all your hollywood buzz after this. ♪ you can help others along the way. ♪ ♪ a portion of every bottle that they sell goes to fight ♪ ♪ breast cancer and i think that's swell. ♪ ♪ the more you take, the more they'll pay, ♪ ♪ so make them write a big check today. ♪ ♪ and if you're feeling a little slow, ♪ ♪ then 5-hour energy will help you go. ♪ ♪ so buy a bottle of pink lemonade and ♪ ♪ you can help fight breast cancer today. ♪
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christina aguilera is an international superstar who's done it all. she's a grammy-winning singer/song writer and producer and actress. >> celebrity coach and judge on nbc's hit show "the voice" and her studio album "lotus" comes out next week. >> your career was hot before this little show you decided to go called "the voice." >> how has that side project changed the world for you?
2:49 am
>> you know, i went into it as a passion project at a time where i wanted to actually step away from being an artist myself, step outside of myself and give advice and be a coach and give back some of my experience and knowledge being in this business. and the way the format of the show was presented to me, the blind auditions being something so real and, you know, no preconceived notions, no judgment except for being inspired by a voice was huge, and it's been inspiring for me to incorporate that even into my lyrics on my new album "lotus" to inspire the next generation of singers. >> when people stop you on the street now, do they talk about the show, do they talk about the chemistry between you and blake and adam and cee lo? >> yeah. it is wonderful for me to see how much people actually do enjoy the show. took my son to an allergy test the other day, poor thing, getting his test done, the woman was like i love your show and what you're doing, i'm like is
2:50 am
he okay, is he all right. >> let's focus on him. >> but it brings so much joy to people. >> how cute is max? can we focus right now for a second? four years old? >> four and a half, yeah. >> oh, my gosh. >> that's from his halloween party. i threw him a big halloween bash. >> how do you do it, considering you have multiple careers going all at once, your most important is mom. does max come to the show with you, or how do you make it work? >> it's an intense juggling act. i'm no slacker. i'm a perfectionist, so i put more pressure on myself for things to be perfect and i get overwhelmed and things get crazed, but at the end of the day, i think my chemical makeup is what it is. i wouldn't be able to do anything else but have that kind of schedule, and you make time for the things that are important. you know, getting out of work on time and rushing home to work to put my son to bed so i'm the
2:51 am
last thing he sees when he goes to bed and first thing in the morning is important so we have that consistency, that bond, throwing him halloween parties, festivities. mama goes all out. >> i love watching you with the three coaches, i always wonder who you click with the most. let's play a game, since you have the three heads. if you were playing spin the bottle in seventh grade, you spun the bottle. who would you want it to land on of those three? >> these guys are like my brothers. it would be like incest. >> pick one. >> for being a pure gentleman through and through, sorry, miranda, it would have to be blake. i love blake. >> we're going to play a musical game. willie geist, host of the third hour of today is here. he's going to emcee. >> first of all, what kind of question was that? who would you make out with on the show? clean it up a little bit.
2:52 am
christina, you need to know hoda thinks she knows the words to every song recorded. >> i am. >> we're going to test both your lyrical skills on a few songs. i'm going to play you a clip from a song. when we cut the song off, hit your buzzer if you think you know the next verse of that song. >> okay. >> i think you're going to know these songs. let's start with "honey bee" by your spin the bottle partner, blake shelton. ♪ you be my soft and sweet ♪ i'll be your strong and steady ♪ >> christina aguilera is in first. >> i'll be your shot of whiskey, then what? >> sugar daddy. i'll be your sugar daddy. >> what is it? >> no? >> i don't know. sing it. >> you'll be my sunny day. >> i'll be your -- >> shade tree. >> honey bee.
2:53 am
>> we're giving that to christina. that was the practice round. christina, if you don't know this one, we have a major problem, because you are on this track. moves like jagger by maroon 5. ♪ >> get to her part. ♪ shoot for the stars >> cut it right there. who's in first? >> something wherever you are. >> you don't get to say something. >> if it feels like wherever you are. right? it feels like. >> sure, aim for my heart. close enough, close enough. >> tie breaker right now. >> here's our tie breaker. our final song, "forget you" by cee lo. we all know this one. ♪ sorry i can't afford a ferrari ♪ ♪ but that don't mean i can't get you there ♪ >> i have no idea any words of that song.
2:54 am
>> that's not a lyric either. >> what's the chorus? >> forget you. >> thank you, what's the price? >> 0 for 3, i think that went well. >> that was a disaster and we know that. >> we love our big willie. >> don't forget "the voice" airs on nbc monday and tuesday nights. >> later, we'll keep you on the loop with all the hollywood scoop. first, these messages. ♪ [ female announcer ] he could be the one. soulmate. husband. loving father to your children. but first you've got to get him to say, "hello." new crest 3d white arctic fresh toothpaste. use it with these 3d white products, and whiten your teeth in just 2 days. what will a 3d white smile do for you? new crest 3d white toothpaste. life opens up when you do.
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this portion of "today" is powered by windows 8. we are back now with "today" on the trail and tomorrow is the big day. >> thank god. >> thought it would never get here. in honor of the presidential election, we thought we'd find out what you really know about basic, basic american history. >> i hope they don't quiz us. sara haines is outside on the plaza, which has been
2:59 am
transformed to democracy plaza. hey, sara. >> hi, guys. here at democracy plaza, with the big vote tomorrow, i decided to check in with my fellow americans to make sure they were ready. you know there's a big election coming up. >> absolutely. >> you know how many electoral votes it takes to elect a president? >> 200, 250 or so? >> i know it's over 100. >> it is over 100. >> 270? okay. >> do you know the three branches of the government? >> yes. >> would you like to name them? >> judicial. >> legislative, executive, and judicial. >> yes! do you know how old you have to be to run for president? >> you have to be 40? 45? >> going the wrong way. >> 18?


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